Fred Boucher


I'm Fred. I'm a Creative Director and Brand Consultant, and my job is to help organisations look, feel and become as amazing as they genuinely can be. I help leading consultancies create, advise and run remarkable branding programmes for their key clients.

From iconic logos to supersonic experiences, from nail-biting details to nailing big ideas, from studio darkrooms to shiny boardrooms, from industrial corporates to fashion hotshots, from one-man wonders to epic team adventures, from logic to magic, here's a taster of the branding frontline through selected work samples.


My role covers all creative stages of a programme, and it usually stretches to strategic and operational phases, where intuitive thinking increasingly makes the difference. Here's a selection of activities I can lead, shape or add value to.

Branding & Identity
Logo & Identity Design
Creative Strategy
Naming & Architecture

Online/Offline Experiences
Comms & Product Design
Implementation & Launches
Art Direction

Design Management
Team Management
Creative Workshops
Creative Pitches